To speak to an Audiologist call: 334.521.7501

‚ÄčCochlear Implant and Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) Services

Hearing Professionals of Alabama features a comprehensive cochlear implant program that offers evaluations to determine patient candidacy, and fittings and re-mapping of programs for all three major cochlear implant devices. Implant service and accessories are available through our office for infants to adults.  

Our office partners with local cochlear implant surgeon, Dr. William Blythe of East Alabama ENT in Opelika, Alabama for selection, mapping and follow-up of cochlear implants for children and adults.  We are also available to see transfer patients who were implanted elsewhere.  If you are a current CI or BAHA patient and would like an appointment, please give our office a call and let us know what device(s) you currently use.  

If you would like to learn more about cochlear implant or BAHA candidacy, please give our office a call to speak to an audiologist (334) 521-7501.