Signs of hearing loss

If you answer "yes" to some of the following questions, you may have hearing loss:

  • Often ask people to repeat what they say?
  • Have trouble hearing in groups?
  • Think others mumble?
  • Fail to hear someone talking from behind you?
  • Turn up the volume on the TV or in the car?
  • Have difficulty on the phone?
  • Dread going to noisy parties and restaurants?

Think about these situations:

  • Are you embarrassed to talk openly about not being able to hear?
  • Are you cutting out activities that you used t love but have become unenjoyable because you cannot join in fully anymore?
  • At work are you afraid to reveal your hearing loss in case it jeopardizes your job and your supervisor and coworkers may see you as less competent?
  • Are you feeling cut off from your young children or grandchildren because you cannot hear their high-pitched voices?
  • Are family holidays a strain because so many people are talking at once?

These are common reactions and can lead to withdrawal from social interaction, anxiety, loss of self-esteem and even depression. 

If you are experiences any of these symptoms, call our office today to schedule an appointment for a complete hearing test with one of our audiologists. At Hearing Professionals of Alabama, our audiologists provide holistic treatment and take into consideration a patient's lifestyle, as well as any other age-related changes such as vision impairment, cognitive decline, and manual dexterity when making recommendations for you or a family member. 

Sources: The American Speech-Language Hearing Association and the Hearing Loss Association of America

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