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Early Detection is important!

If you are concerned your child may have a hearing problem or your child exhibits any of the following, contact our office to schedule a comprehensive hearing evaluation for your child.

Birth to Two Years:

  • Does not startle to loud sounds (0-3 months)
  • Does not calm or respond with cooing at the sound of a familiar voice (0-3 months)
  • Does not make babbling sounds (4-9 months)
  • Does not turn to sources of sound (4-9 months)
  • Does not smile when spoken to (4-9 months)
  • Does not respond to his/her name (9-15 months)
  • Does not say single words (ex: "mama" "dada") (9-15 months)
  • Does not understand simple requests (9-15 months)
  • Does not point to/name body parts (15-23 months)
  • Does not follow simple commands (15-23 months)
  • Does not name common objects (15-23 months)
  • Does not put two or more words together (15-23 months)
  • Does not listen to stories, songs, and rhymes (15-23 months)

2 years & Older

  • Is difficult to understand due to speech/articulation problems
  • Does not reply when called
  • Responds inappropriately to questions
  • Often asks for repetitions "huh" or "what?"
  • Has difficulty with academics
  • Does not appear to follow directions

Our audiologists can explain the risk factors and implications of hearing loss in children.  If your child is diagnosed with hearing loss, the audiologists at Hearing Professionals of Alabama look at not only the amplification necessary, but also aim to provide each child and family with all of the resources they need to help the child succeed with his/her devices.  We hope to be able  connect you with other families, and also be a supportive voice for the advocacy of hearing impairment in and throughout your child's life.