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Our Story

Hearing Professionals of Alabama is an Audiology Private Practice founded by Beth Hoven, Au.D. and Allison Kelly, Au.D..  Beth and Allison both received their Doctorate of Audiology from Auburn University.  The two spent time working together at an ear, nose and throat practice in Montgomery, Alabama.  In Summer 2013, Allison left to pursue her dream of working full time with Pediatrics in Birmingham, Alabama.  

In March of 2014, a little dream was born.  Beth and Allison had often talked about what it would be like to own their own practice.  It wasn't until Allison's 18 month old son was diagnosed with hearing loss that this idea started to come to life. 

From years working in an ENT practice setting and rushing adult patients through the process of purchasing hearing aids, and then also seeing the lack of services for pediatric patients, they were convinced there had to be a better way of putting patients' needs first and providing services closer to home for pediatric patients.  Through much prayer and a lot of hard work and diligence, Dr. Kelly and Dr. Hoven created a business plan for a privately-owned audiology clinic committed to exceptional services for adult and pediatric populations. Their aim is to focus on the needs of each patient and help customize a treatment plan that fits the patient's lifestyle and communication needs.

Beth and Allison are passionate about providing quality audiology services with a smile. Their primary concern is  helping patients hear their very best through education and proper expectations.  Hearing is such an important part of life, without which communication with loved ones becomes difficult.  Hearing Professionals of Alabama hopes to help provide EVERYONE the opportunity to be, and hear, their best!