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At Hearing Professionals of Alabama, we are a truly independent practice. This allows us to put our patients' needs first because we are not limited to specific hearing aid manufacturers. Instead, we're able to recommend a device based on what we think would be best suited for you. We have a broad knowledge of today's hearing aids, so if you've recently moved to Auburn and you are looking for someone who can help you with the hearing aids you already have, come give us a try. Many of our patients have retired to our beautiful town and need a new audiologist to help with their hearing aids. We're happy to help no matter what hearing devices you use.

Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing aids come in a great variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate your lifestyle and your hearing loss. We can help you find the right balance between what you want in a hearing aid and what's necessary to treat your particular hearing loss. This knowledge is one of the reasons why we have such in-depth discussions about your life and your hearing before we begin the testing process.

Each style has its own strengths relative to the others. Cost is based not on size or shape but on how advanced the technology inside the hearing aid is. More powerful technology (including Bluetooth connectivity and advanced noise reduction) is generally more expensive than simpler hearing aids that are suited for quieter environments. We will work with you to figure out the best hearing aids for your needs.

Hearing aid styles include completely-in-canal (CIC), in-the-canal (ITC), in-the-ear (ITE), behind-the-ear (BTE), and receiver-in-canal (RIC).

Hearing Aid Brands

We offer hearing aids from Signia, Oticon, ReSound, Widex, Phonak, and Starkey. All of these brands are well-known for the quality of their devices and their professional and efficient service. Our office is not affiliated with any specific manufacturer, which allows our audiologists to recommend the best device for your age, hearing loss, and lifestyle.

Ongoing Maintenance

Routine hearing aid checks can extend the life of your hearing aids and also make sure that you are always hearing your best. We also ask patients to come see us every six months to a year, and we always recommend having your hearing tested again once a year. This ensures that your devices are programmed to most appropriate prescription for your hearing loss. We like to see children on a more regular basis for re-testing and hearing aid reprogramming.

Trial Period

Every patient who purchases hearing aids from Hearing Professionals of Alabama has a one-month trial period to test their new hearing aids in their own environment. We recognize that a lot of people don't have much difficulty hearing in a quiet setting like an office, which means that any demonstration in our office will only give you an incomplete picture of what your hearing aids will do for you. We encourage patients to use their hearing aids in any setting they're likely to come across - a noisy restaurant, a crowded family gathering, a sporting event or concert. We want you to be sure that your hearing aids are doing what you need them to do.

Secure 4-Year Warranty

Only EarQ providers can offer Secure, the longest warranty in the industry. With four full years of coverage, the Secure 4-Year Warranty has you covered for four full years. This surpasses the standard that comes with most hearing aids through other manufacturers, which typically lasts one to three years.

Making Hearing Care Affordable

Your hearing is important, and no one should have to go without because of financial limitations. We do what we can to help our patients afford their care. Some insurance covers hearing aids, and we're happy to help file for you to help cover that cost. We also offer a wide range of hearing aids at different price points, and we package our services into bundles so you only pay for what you need. We also offer 0% interest payment plans for 12-18 months for those who qualify. We offer payment plans through Healthiplan and Care Credit.

If you're worried about paying for your hearing aids, please let us know. We want everyone to have access to hearing care, and we carry something for everyone, no matter what your budget is.

Featured Technology

Introducing The World's Most Powerful Hearing Aids

Oticon Xceed hearing aid

Oticon has some of the most technologically advanced hearing aids on the market today. Along with BrainHearing technology and Own Voice Processing, Oticon has recently released three new hearing aids to provide you with a seamless listening experience.

The Oticon Xceed and the Xceed Play are the most powerful hearing aids for adults and children with severe-to-profound hearing loss. They both offer 360° access to speech without the interference of background noise. This allows for a better listening experience as well as improved learning for children. The Xceed and Xceed Play feature groundbreaking technology that reduces feedback, such as static or whistling, so you can hear clearer and with better attention. Adults and children can control these devices straight from their smartphones through an app, creating more control and improved usability. The Xceed for adults comes in a variety of colors to match your skin tone or hair color while the Xceed Play includes bright, fun colors in addition to the neutral tones for younger users.

Oticon CROS hearing aids offer a revolutionary 360° sound experience for those with single-sided deafness. CROS hearing aids include a transmitter with a microphone that wirelessly picks up sound and sends it from your poorer ear to your better ear with a hearing aid. This allows you to easily engage in conversations in different environments. Oticon CROS hearing aids feature OpenSoundNavigator and TwinLink dual-streaming technology so you can hear from all directions. This gives you the freedom to do what you love while enjoying a more natural listening experience.

Oticon CROS hearing aids

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